Linda Reid, Rob Reid, and Adrian Dobbie have set up this petition.

It is another signature we are asking you to hand over, but this is important. A pan European voice is needed and this is the perfect opportunity to do just that. We know now what the intention is with regulating ecigs and we have to be loud and clear that this cannot happen.

Sign it! Ask your family, your friends.

Let us show the EU Commission JUST how many eyes are watching them and how many stand to be affected.

About Us

The Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association of the United Kingdom is known as ECCA UK.

ECCA UK's aim is to promote and protect the rights and interests of those who wish to use electronic cigarettes.

We are an independent organisation, staffed by volunteers and any lobbying activity we undertake is on behalf of e-cigarette consumers.

We do not act on behalf of, nor receive donations from, tobacco or pharmaceutical companies.

We provide guidance, advice and information on electronic cigarette research, education and good practice.

We hope to be a trusted ‘one-stop shop’ for independent, unbiased and concise information on all aspects of electronic cigarettes.

We intend to monitor vendor standards and promote improvements to those standards that are in the best interests of the customer.

We provide a forum for discussion and exchange of information relevant to the users.

Where appropriate, we also collaborate with other bodies interested in the various aspects of electronic cigarettes.

We provide independent advice to governments, to the public, and to related organisations and respond to proposals and enquiries relating to electronic cigarettes.

ECCA UK is run by a committee of volunteers drawn from its members.


We are not an anti-smoking group.

The harms claimed as attributable to smoking are widely publicised. Smokers make a choice to smoke. Some make a choice to stop.

Electronic cigarettes offer an alternative method of consuming nicotine that is held to be 95%+ safer than smoking traditional cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are a choice not a medicine.